Vacation Bible School

August 17-21, 2020

Registration closes August 12. You want to sign up to get your Bible Buddies and music and all other give aways and supplies! Travel Kit boxes will be given out August 15, 1-3 pm.

Our online format also allows you many options as to when your children participate or for how long. We are providing 4 elementary (K-5) stations approximately 20 mins each. The first, Sing-N-Play Express, will be live streamed at 9 a.m. We will also live stream Bible Adventures, KidVid Cinema and Imagination Station until about 11 a.m. One plus to watching the live stream is the ability to participate in the live chat feature of YouTube. This helps it be interactive and the adult leaders can “hear” from your kids! We will be providing optional games and snack ideas that go with our theme that you can choose to do. But the live stream will also be recorded so you can watch it later (maybe you want to do evening VBS). You can also take breaks between the stations and come back to the recording. You can work around the weather or other plans for your day.

In this summer of 2020, we invite you to choose an experience that will work best for your family. 

We will not be offering our tradition in-person VBS, but with this year’s design you have several options:

  • Do VBS as a family in your home
  • Join with another VBS family to have a larger group (perhaps trade off home locations)
  • Invite neighbors, cousins, or friends to attend to have a larger group at your home 

Whatever setting is the most fun and safe for your family is best! Your children will be able to do some activities outside. Be assured that you will not have to teach lessons and we will provide the guidance you need to do any activities.

Just because it is online, doesn’t mean that VBS will be passive! It is not going to be a “sit and listen” experience. It will be active and sensory and fun! However, it is not “independent” either, like schoolwork might have been. The children might need permission to build a ship out of couch cushions or need an example in a discussion or need some help putting their Imagination Station gizmo together. An older person should be around to facilitate what is happening.

We are not offering a program for children under the age of 3 ½. This is what we have called “the nursery” in the past.

Preschoolers (those turning 4 by Dec. 1 up to age 5, who have not been to kindergarten) may register. They can experience SIng-N-Play and KidVid Cinema in the live stream. We will have pre-recorded videos of PreSchool appropriate Bible Adventures and Crafts.

Registration opens July 1 at 7:30 a.m. Also mark your calendar for Aug 15, 1-3 p.m. which will be our Family Fun Day to pick up your supplies.

Volunteers are still needed! You can see the volunteer opportunities on the registration page on July 1.

Start learning the theme song!

Snippets of the rest of the music!

Preview of KidVid Cinema