Family Five

Family Five


We’re so glad you were able to join us for the Faith in the Home Workshop!
Here you will find access to many of the resources shared at the event as well as a few more.
You might also be interested in First Trinity’s Parent Resource Page which has both topical and age specific resources for families and parents.

Verse of the Week Cards – You can print these 1, 2, or 4 to a page depending on what size you would like.  The ones originally in your kit were printed 2 to a page.

Prayer Starters – These are simple prayers that families could use each day. One idea is to write them on a beach ball as you toss it around, wherever someone’s right thumb lands, the closest prayer is the one they use.

Sample Encouragement Note – One daily activity idea was to write a note to someone who you thought might be encouraged by your family’s verse of the week. This is a sample of what you might write on a card or postcard.

Family Five Routine Cheat Sheet – Here’s the summary of how you might spend your five minutes as a family each day.