Serve UB

One of First Trinity’s local outreach ministries, UB Common Ground, is on the University at Buffalo campus. We have staff and volunteers on campus at least once a week during the school year caring for students and faculty. To make what we do possible involves quite a team both behind the scenes and on campus. Here are a few ways YOU can make a difference in the lives of local college students this year and help them know Jesus:


We invite everyone to pray constantly for our students and the chances we have to join Jesus on His mission at UB. We also have a specific prayer team who receive an email each week with the stories and updates from our ministry happenings that week, along with any prayer requests we gathered from students. The team members then pray whenever and for however much or little fits their schedule. If you would like to join the prayer team, email Sue Steege.


Last year alone we estimated serving over 4,000 homemade cookies and typically go through about 20 K-cups a week. We also supply students with fresh fruit, bottled water, granola bars, and other packaged snacks. This is only possible because of the generous support of this amazing congregation and community. There are two ways to donate supplies. The first is to drop them off at church in the UB Ministry Drawer in the main office hallway. You can find out what we need any given week and sign up to bring it by clicking here. We also created an Amazon Wishlist of typical types of things we always need. You can click here to see that wish list, order something online, and it will get delivered straight to church.


A crucial element of our ministry is the conversation that happens between students and volunteers and staff each week. As we encourage them, remember their names, ask them about life, and pray for students, they begin to understand we really do care. Ultimately we hope that transitions into them understanding how much Christ cares about them! We need a team of at least 2-4 people each week willing to refill snacks, talk with students who come in, and help with set-up and tear down each Wednesday afternoon. If this is something you’d be interested in finding more about, contact Sue Steege for more information.


Occasionally we have students interested in attending worship at First Trinity. Unfortunately, many students do not have cars. We would love to be able to offer them transportation and are working to form a pool of drivers who we could contact to see if they’re available to drive when a student expresses interest. If you want to join the Driving Team, please contact Sue Steege for more information. Proof of a current driver’s license and insurance will be required.