Scrip Gift Cards

Scrip Gift Cards

Did you know you can support youth mission trips while you shop? The Scrip Gift Card program is the way to do it. You buy gift cards at face value, but we get them at a discount. The difference goes towards our High School Youth Workcamp mission trip. We keep lots of popular items in stock, available on Sundays after services in the main office.

You can also order cards online either for physical delivery or digital gift cards that you can send to your family and friends via email. The process is very simple.

Purchasing Gift Cards Online

First things first: Copy this enrollment code:


You can sign up at this website (link opens in new tab). Enter the enrollment code from above, then create a user name & password. After that, you’ll enter some basic information. There is a very minimal fee (15 cents) for online orders that use a bank account. Credit card purchases have a fee of 2.6% that is charged by the provider.

You can browse the website for what’s available or download this complete list. Thanks again for your support!