Introduction Videos for Worship

Introduction Videos for Worship

If you’ve been worshiping with us during this online-only season, we would love to get a brief introduction to use in online worship. Vicar Jason will go over all these tips in more detail down below in the video, but if you like written form, here are some tips for filming videos:

  • Please film in landscape (widescreen) mode. This looks best on stream.
  • Use a stand or prop your phone/tablet/camera up to keep it steady. If those options aren’t available, try holding it as steady as possible.
  • Use the back camera when possible. Front cameras are lower resolution usually.
  • Speak up. You don’t have to yell, but the louder you speak, the better it will sound. We can turn the sound down easily, but it’s harder to increase low volume.
  • Keep it to 20-30 seconds. If it’s longer than 30 seconds, do a re-shoot.
  • Please trim out any extra footage on your recording before uploading the file. If filming by yourself, use a visual cue to help with trimming. See the video below for an example. Leave 2-3 seconds before/after the cue to make trimming easier. Here are some guides for trimming on your phone: Apple iOS | Android OS

A Video Guide For Filming

Finished Video

What do I say?

Please introduce yourself/your family and where you are joining us from. Beyond that, be as creative as you’d like in the 20-30 seconds. It’s just about making a connection with others in our faith family.

Submitting Your Video

The best way to get us your video is using the button below. Click the button on the device you filmed on and it will take you to a Dropbox page for uploading the file. Fill in your name and email, and then “Choose Files”. It will allow you to choose a file from your camera/photo roll to upload. Choose the video you created and click submit. You can also get to the upload page by typing “” in your web browser on your device.